Tyndale Community School

Aim high and reach out together!

School Uniform

School Uniform

  • Purple V-neck sweatshirt (preferably with school logo) or purple cardigan (preferably with school logo)
  • White polo shirt or white buttoned shirt
  • Grey trousers or Grey skirt which is no shorter than knee length
  • Only simple, plain hair bands, clips, scrunchies or alice bands (black, navy blue, purple or grey in colour only)
  • Grey or black tights or leggings may only be worn with a grey skirt
  • Smart black shoes with black laces or black velcro and black soles
  • These must not have logos on
  • High heels are not permitted
  • Girls may wear plain black boots which cover the ankle
  • Muslim girls may wear a plain black, navy blue or purple hijab
  • Optional summer uniform: lilac summer dress (found on mapac) or grey shorts.

PE Kit

  • Plain white t-shirt – only school logo is acceptable although plain white t-shirt is cheaper
  • Plain Black or navy blue shorts or tracksuit/jogging bottoms – no visible logos, writing or coloured stripes. Cycling shorts are not appropriate.
  • White, blue or black trainers or plimsolls (no astroturfs). These may have logos or other flecks of colour but the dominant colour must be white blue or black.
  • White sport socks
  • Only the school jumper is permitted to be worn over the PE kit.
  • No jewellery including earrings and watches
  • On sports' day your child may be required to wear a plain coloured t-shirt, representing the colour of their house.

Swimming PE Kit

  • Swimming trunks- not swimming shorts.
  • Goggles (optional)
  • Swimming hat
  • Towel (named)
  • A separate drawstring of plastic bag for the PE Kit


  • Children are permitted to have a single piercing in the earlobe of each ear
  • Only plain gold-coloured or silver-coloured studs are permitted
  • Earrings must not be worn on any days which have PE lessons
  • No other jewellery is permitted including necklaces, bracelets and rings
  • Analogue and digital watches may be worn
  • Watches with calculators or cameras are not permitted

Hair & Make-Up

  • Patterns or logos must not be shaved into hair
  • Hair must not be coloured or dyed
  • Only simple, plain hair bands, clips, scrunchies or head bands (black, navy blue, purple or grey in colour only)
  • Make-up and nail polish is not permitted
  • Stick on tattoos are not permitted

Religious Clothing

  • If there is any reason why a child cannot wear our uniform or requires special consideration (e.g. health or religious grounds) then the school’s leadership team will carefully consider any such request from a parent or carer. Please write to the office at info@tyndalecommunityschool.co.uk 
  • Any other additional religious clothing or jewellery must be approved by the principal. It must be a religious requirement rather than a preference


  • Children will wear the school uniform each day, with the appropriate footwear
  • Most of the items can be purchased from our suppliers website: https://www.mapac.com/education/parents/uniform/tyndalecommunityschool 
  • Tyndale Community School also sells cheaper second hand uniform
  • If a child does not wear the correct uniform, a written reminder of our expectations will be communicated to the parents/carers. If this continues to be the case, there will be a phone call reminder from the class teacher. After these two steps are exhausted, a meeting will be arranged with a senior leader.
  • If a child arrives at school wearing inappropriate clothing which causes concern (e.g. unsuitable for the weather, too revealing, offensive or unsuitable slogans etc.) then the school will provide uniform for the child to wear for the day
  • PE kit may be worn into school on the allocated day of their PE lesson
  • Parents are asked to clearly label every item of school clothing with their child’s name
  • Parents and pupils are responsible for maintaining and remembering school uniform. The school is not held liable for any missing uniform.
  • There are baskets for lost property located community lounge