Tyndale Community School

Aim high and reach out together!

School Day

The timings below are for a typical school day. Depending on the year group, there are slight changes to the day. However, throughout Key Stage One (Years 1-2) and Key Stage Two (Years 3-6), Core subjects of Maths and English are typically taught in the mornings whereas Foundation Subjects are typically taught in the afternoons.

  • 7.45-8.15am: Breakfast Club (optional)
  • 8.15am: Gates are open
  • 8.30am: Gates are closed/ Register is taken
  • 8.45am: Collective Worship
  • 10.15-10.30am: Break time
  • Break Time-12pm: Learning Time
  • 12-1pm: Lunch Time
  • 1-3pm: Learning Time
  • 3pm: Home time or After School Club