Tyndale Community School

Aim high and reach out together!

Our Values

Our Tyndale Community Mission is:

“To empower every student to achieve personal and academic success, resulting in ambitious goals being fulfilled for themselves and their community.”

We believe there are two really important parts to learning at school. The first is to do with your learning in traditional subjects: reading, writing, maths and all the others. We call this your academic learning. We also think that there are many other skills that are important to learn as you grow up: getting on with each other, communicating well and sorting out problems yourself. We call this personal success. We believe that personal and academic success are equally important. You will work towards achieving personal and academic success as you complete levels 1 - 4 in our core values. This booklet will help you track all the learning you do, from Reception to Year 6. As you achieve each value, you will be recognised and celebrated across the school community.


values booklet 2 1 1 .pdf