Tyndale Community School

Aim high and reach out together!

Our Mission

Vision, Values, Strategy


Our Tyndale Community Mission is:

To empower every student to achieve personal and academic success, resulting in ambitious goals being fulfilled for themselves and their community.

We believe there are two really important parts to learning at school. The first is to do with learning in traditional subjects: reading, writing, maths and all the others. We call this academic learning. We also think that there are many other skills that are important to learn as you grow up: getting on with each other, communicating well and sorting out problems yourself. We call this personal success. We believe that personal and academic success are equally important.

When students are empowered to achieve personal and academic success, they are able to have high aspirations for their future and for others' futures too.


There are three key levers which will help Tyndale Community School to achieve its mission:

  • 1. By the creation of our values logbook, based upon the Tyndale Titans.
  • 2. By the development of our curriculum, so students are well prepared for their next stage of education
  • 3. By clearly defined expectations of what teaching and learning look like at Tyndale Community School.


There are three key outcomes we will see from our key levers:

  • 1. All students across the school have achieved level 1 in their values logbook. If they haven't yet, there is a clear plan to help them achieve this.
  • 2. Students are obviously remembering more, doing more and knowing more across the curriculum - we know this through the learning in their books, the way they talk about their learning journey and their test results.
  • 3. Student learning and engagement excels across all subjects and year groups, resulting in individual academic and personal goals being set and met.