Tyndale Community School

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Our Curriculum


Power Maths is a whole-class mastery programme created in partnership with White Rose Maths and recommended by the DfE. It is designed to spark curiosity and excitement and help you nurture confidence in maths. 

Power Maths follows the White Rose Long Term Plan, which can be viewed here:




We use rich texts to inform our literacy- from quality texts to quality writing. Bob Cox, from opening doors, has supported the development of our curriculum and pedagogical approach to improving children's literature. 

The literacy overview can be viewed here: 


The Systematic Synthetic Phonics Programme which Tyndale Community School uses is Essential Letters and Sounds. This comes from Oxford University Press. In addition to this, decodable texts from OUP are matched alongside the phase children are at in their phonics. 

Enquiry Led Curriculum 

Tyndale Community School has an Enquiry Led Curriculum. The following slideshow, developed for staff and governors, will explain some of the key features of our curriculum. In addition to this, our project overviews will share the big question and summary of enquiry for each term. PSHE, RE (sometimes), Mandarin and PE is not taught through our Enquiry Led Curriculum but through discrete lessons.  



The following overviews are based upon our own assessment framework which we developed and is in line with the national curriculum. It shows what is taught in each year group across each subject. 



PSHE/RSE Follows the KAPOW scheme of work. Progression of knowledge and skills can be found here:


 We have our own PE team, made up of three PE coaches. Here is the curriculum that they have developed for PE across the school.